Individual Consultation with an Accounting Specialist

A personalised consultation with an accountant is important in order to ensure the exact requirements and obligations of your Estonian company. Company for Business OÜ guarantees a personalised approach to each client, taking into account the specifics and characteristics of their business. Our experienced accountants will carry out a detailed review of your situation, identify all important aspects and provide detailed recommendations.

As part of the consultation you will be able to discuss any issues related to taxation, accounting, requirements of the Tax and Customs Department, as well as help you understand the forms of business activity and consider possible options for optimising taxes for your company. We aim to become your reliable partner in accounting and tax services, helping you to develop your business in Estonia and achieve financial success. Our accountants are happy to share their experience and expertise to provide you with all the information and resources you need to effectively manage your business.

We value your time and pay special attention to each client, providing a high level of service and quality support at all stages of the consultation. Our goal is to help your company succeed and effectively manage your financial processes. With us, you can be sure that your accounting will be in order, and all tax obligations will be met on time and accurately.

Individual accounting consultation from 180 EUR

Personalized Financial Guidance for Your Estonian Company

Objectives of accounting consultancy

Personalised accounting advice is a process aimed at providing personalised advice and guidance on accounting and financial management issues. The objectives of such counselling can be varied and depend on the needs of the client. Here are the main objectives of personalised accounting advice:

  • Explaining Accounting Procedures: Assist the client in understanding basic accounting principles, including maintaining financial records, preparing reports and analysing financial information.
  • Tax Planning: Assisting the client in developing tax planning strategies, including minimising tax liabilities.
  • Individual Client Questions and Inquiries: Answers to specific questions and solutions to individual accounting and financial problems.

Personalised accounting advice helps clients get personalised recommendations and strategies to improve financial management and achieve their business goals.