Restoration of a deleted company

As of 1 February 2023, some laws related to business activities of commercial organisations have changed in Estonia. One of such amendments to the law was the removal of companies from the register that did not submit their annual reports on time. Since February 2024, a large number of companies have fallen under this law and have been removed from the register.
A deleted company can be added back to the Commercial Register in a simplified procedure and continue to operate if the deletion was due to failure to submit an annual report to the Commercial Register by the due date.
With the speeding up of the deregistration process, reinstatement has also become more flexible. This is aimed at incentivising business owners to comply with the duty to provide the necessary information, while allowing those who genuinely wish to do so the opportunity to continue operating. Businesses have three years from the date of their removal from the register to reinstate.


Reinstatement of a company in the business register 1,000 EUR

Restore Your Estonian Company with Ease

Actions for the restoration of the company and in the Commercial Register:

  1. Prepare an application for the restoration of the company.
    The preparation of the application requires a resolution of the shareholders to continue the business and to rectify all deficiencies.
    If an annual report has not been submitted, all missing reports must be submitted. The annual report is required even if there is no economic activity.
  2. Sign the application
    The application may be signed by a person with authorisation (board member or proxy entered the register prior to exclusion) and must be digitally signed or notarised.
  3. Pay the state fee of EUR 200.
  4. Submit an application to the Commercial Register.

The application must be accompanied by the documents for registration (shareholders’ resolutions and documents on rectification of deficiencies).

What else is important to know?

Over the last month, many companies have been deleted that did not submit reports for various reasons. In this regard, we provide assistance services in the restoration of companies in the Commercial Register. Our company is ready to offer full support in this process, including assistance with the preparation and filing of all annual returns. We will provide expert advice and support in collecting all the necessary documents, preparing the reports correctly and filing them on time. Our experts will help you understand all the requirements and deadlines to ensure full compliance with all statutory and Commercial Registry requirements. As a result, your company will be able to successfully re-establish its operations and avoid additional regulatory issues.

What is included in assistance with company re-establishment

  • Preparation of the application form
  • Assisting you during the application to the Commercial Registry
  • Communication with the business register
  • Drawing up and submitting all necessary documents during the re-establishment process
  • State fee

By contacting us, you can be sure that your reinstatement to the Commercial Register will be carried out professionally, in full compliance with all the necessary requirements and procedures and in the shortest possible time.